Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bisque Firing in my Homemade Raku Kiln

I made a raku kiln!
Hopefully, it'll raku fire better than it bisque fires. It was pretty much a failure, but we will be trying a second raku firing soon. Below are pictures of my supplies and our set up.
Video and pictures of our first raku firing to be posted soon :)

This is my raku kiln - a galvanized steel trash can with
a peephole cut on top and a hole cut in the side for the flame.

It is lined with ceramic fiber insulation and ceramic buttons.

I got the trash can from Lowe's, and the fiber blanket from
a store in Atlanta, GA, and the buttons from Axner.

We laid fiber blanket on cement blocks and sat
the upturned trash can on top.

Then, we stacked firebricks and a kiln shelf
on the fiber blanket.

The burner we used is a Venturi MR750 raku burner from Axner.
I'll post pics of it and the actual firing process later.

This the only pottery that survived. The rest broke. It was terrible. It was hard to regulate the temperature, and the pyrometer I bought was cheap and inaccurate. But hey, no one was hurt in the process, so that's a plus!

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